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How to Choose the Best Local Home and Commercial Heating Oil Provider

How to choose a good heating fuel company

Read these words and commit them to memory: Each and every year you – the homeowner – need to spend an hour or two calling 3-5 local oil companies. By shopping around for the best price and service, it should easily save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bills this winter. If you have a current contract, chances are you can’t save $$ at this point in time.  But when your contract is 30 days before expiration, start making phone calls to your local providers.  A contract often means you are overpaying for your home heating oil.

Questions should include:

  • What is your price per gallon for the market rate; and if offered, what is your price per gallon for your fixed and capped rate?
  • Do you offer any special discounts?
  • Does the company require that you lock in to a service contract? (Beware, you WILL pay higher prices)
  • What is the company policy if you choose to go with another home heating oil provider before your contract term has ended? What, if any, penalties will you pay?
  • How quickly can the company get to you in an emergency?
  • What is the company’s policy for same day delivery?

The first red flag is often established upon your first phone call to a potential oil dealer. Did someone actually answer the phone, or did you get a busy signal or a voice message? Was the company rep pleasant or surly? Were you told that someone would get back to you, but no one did? Did the company have to put your delivery off for 2-3 days or more because they don’t have enough manpower/fuel/money to purchase fuel etc?  Those are all clear signs that you are NOT a priority.  Often, the smaller companies offer the best prices and the best customer service.

99% of the time if you have a yearly burner tune-up, you will be best served and save hundreds of dollars annually by paying for discounted fuel C.O.D.

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