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5 Ways to Stay Warm, Save Money This Winter

For many of us, winter is a time when we discover a few more cracks and crannies for the cold air to find its way inside. Not only does that make it harder to stay warm and cozy, it sends money out the door as the electric or oil bill climbs. Even using a fireplace for heat can send money up the chimney in smoke if you’re not prepared. Paying for energy to heat our homes can be difficult in cold winter months and utility bills are no fun. So, what can you do?

Take advantage of these 5 quick and easy (and inexpensive) ways to keep warm this winter!

  1. Gaps around windows and doors are the most common places for air to find its way inside. Use caulking or repair those gaps to avoid the loss of heat and eliminate cold wind blowing in. The U.S. Department of Energy says that between 5% and 30% of energy use is due to drafty doors and windows.
  2. If you use radiator heating, use tin foil behind the radiators to reflect heat back into the room rather than allowing it to flow into the walls.
  3. Change your sheets and use flannel in winter. You won’t need the room as warm, so you save on heating costs.
  4. Lower the thermostat by one degree and save 1% to 3% on your heating bill. Energy Hub says you can save a lot more than 3% for each degree you lower your heat in some instances. When you’re away for the day or for an extended period of time, turn the thermostat down 10-15 degrees and save 15% to 20% on energy costs.
  5. Use a local discount oil provider to get the least expensive Home or Commercial Heating oil. Over the 6 months of BRRRR cold in New England, you can save $350-$500 by utilizing a reputable discounter.

Try these ideas to stay warm and contact us if you have any ideas to share with our readers!

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